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Artist Network University
Pastel - Oil Painting - Watercolor Painting
Artists Network University is home to premier online
art classes & workshops.

Art is Fun!
Pastel pencil art techniques
Pastel pencil art instructor Colin Bradley is well-known
for his realistic pastel pencil paintings of animals,
landscapes, still lifes and portraits.

Donna Downey Studios
Pastel - Oil Painting
All things material can be creatively transformed into
a personal piece of artistic interpretation. That creativity
is not a measure of skill, but a passion.

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The Paint Basket
Pastel - Acrylic Painting - Oil Painting
Whether you enjoy painting in oils, watercolour, soft pastel or drawing in pencil or pen and ink, we have you covered. With over 280 affordable classes to choose from you will be
spoilt for choice.


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