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Paint With Len
Acrylic Painting - Oil Painting
See how easy it is to paint with simple instructions.
No previous painting experience required.

Artist Network University
Acrylic Painting - Oil Painting - Watercolor Painting
Artists Network University is home to premier online
art classes & workshops.

Art Class Pro
Acrylic Painting - Oil Painting - Drawing
Learn to paint from the comfort of your own home
with these great online art lessons.

Tim Gagnon
Acrylic Painting - Oil Painting
Here at Tim Gagnon Studio I offer a large variety of
painting lessons. Everything from acrylics to oils,
from landscapes to portraits.

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Will Kemp Art School
Acrylic Painting - Oil Painting - Drawing
I'm Will Kemp, I'm an award-winning professional artist and teacher.
I've studied in Italy, run my own art gallery, taught in
museums & schools and I'm going to share my professional
art secrets with you.

The Virtual Instructor
Acrylic Painting - Oil Painting - Drawing
Welcome to, your online source for
high-quality art lessons. Whether you are an artist, an aspiring
artist, a student, a teacher, want art instruction at home, or if
you are just curious - we have a tutorial for you.

Live Painting Lessons
Acrylic Painting - Oil Painting
Choose from over 40 of my easy video painting lessons for oils and acrylics. View online instantly, download for later or get a dvd.
Happy Painting!

The Paint Basket
Acrylic Painting - Oil Painting - Drawing
Whether you enjoy painting in oils, watercolour, soft pastel or drawing in pencil or pen and ink, we have you covered. With over 280 affordable classes to choose from you will be
spoilt for choice.

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