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Facts & Questions


Q: Are there any fees to view the tutors or instructors listed on The LessonZone?

A: No.
.....All tutor and instructor listings are free to view. There are no fees or memberships to view our listings.

Q: Can I contact the tutors or instructors directly?

A: Yes.
.....All listings will have their direct contact information listed. There are no other in between contacts
.....between you and the.tutors or instructors listed. You have direct contact.

Q: Do I schedule my lessons through The LessonZone?

A: No.
.....All lessons will be scheduled directly with the tutor or instructor of your choice.

Q: Do I pay The LessonZone for my lessons?

A: No.
.....All payments for lessons are made between you and the tutor or instructor directly.

Q: If I have questions regarding the lessons I have started do I contact the tutor or instructor directly?

A: Yes.
.....All questions regarding your lessons started should be directed to the tutor or instructor directly.

.......................................................Tutors & Instructors

Q: What are the fees to be listed on The LessonZone?

A: Listings are just $6.99 per month for our "Classic" or just $10.99 per month for our "Classic-Plus" listing.
.....Please view our "Instructor Listing Info." page.

Q: If I do not have my own website can I still be listed on the LessonZone?

A: Yes.
.....If you do not have your own website, Facebook or blog page etc. you can simply list an email address as
.....your contact source.

Q: What is needed to start teaching or tutoring my lessons online?

A: All you need to start your teaching online is one of the free video messaging services available like Skype
.....or ooVoo. With these free video services you will be able to start teaching online right away!

Q: Are there any lesson commission fees taken at The LessonZone?

A: Absolutely not!
.....We feel at the LessonZone that you put in a lot of time and effort with your lessons and you deserve to
.....keep all that you earn. Just one lesson commission fee can be more than one of our monthly listing fees!
.....Lesson fee commissions add-up quickly and are quite costly to you.

Q: Can I teach just one lesson instead of a full course of lessons?

A: Yes of course!
......It's up to you. Someone may have their own "special chocolate cake" recipe or just a
....."certain song" or two that they teach and not a full course of "cooking or music" lessons.
.....Someone may teach a lesson just on "French travel phrases" and not a full French language course.
.....Or just teach a 3-hour "Beer making lesson"!
.....The possibilities are many! You may teach one or more different kinds of these "just one lesson" types.

Q: After I register and sign-up when will my listing be listed?

A: All monthly plans and payments are based on either the 1st or 16th of the month.

.....All payments made between the 11th through the 25th of the month will start your listing on the 1st of the
.....following month.

.....All payments made between the 26th of the month through the 10th of the month will start your listing on
.....the following 16th of the month.

Q: Can I make changes to my listing after it is listed?

A: Yes. All changes submitted will take effect within 5 business days of submission. You can also add or
......change a "special offer" with our "Classic-Plus" listing.

Q: Can I change my listing plan to another listing plan?

A: Yes. Upon submitting your new listing plan, your current listing plan will end after its original start date of
.....the 1st or 16th of the month and then at that time your new plan will take effect. Any pre-paid monthly
.....payments remaining will be transferred to the new listing plan.

Q: I don't see the kind of lesson I teach available on The LessonZone, is it possible to still be listed?
A: Yes. Please contact our customer support at
..Please include the type of lesson teach with a brief description in your email. All listings are subject to approval by The LessonZone.

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